August 2023

Are you feeling unwell? Got a bad cold? A dicky stomach? A dodgy knee? A weird rash? Then climb on board for this month’s Train Trip, and enter a world of sound that will entertain, enlighten, and ensure that you never have any health problems ever again.

2 Comments on “August 2023

  1. I missed the first train, so it was nice to hop (or hoop) aboard for a late trip, trip trip…
    For some reason, Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions came to mind, what with Clam Bake and the impromptu alien visit.
    I think you’ve nailed it this time Theo – we were groovin’ and laughing along the whole time. Love the way you hoop from one thing to something totally at odds, but somehow get away with it.
    When’s the next departure?
    Easy bro,

    • Ah, thanks Matt! So glad you like. The next departure will be September’s trip, and since we’re now into October, it’s just about running on time. Looking forward to seeing you on board.

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