July 2023

Are you fed up with work, family, friends, neighbours, the bank, the weather, the washing-up, the bloody printer, and just about everything else, ever? Then climb on board for this month’s Train Trip, and enter a world of sound that will entertain, enlighten, and make all your dreams come true.

8 Comments on “July 2023

  1. Great fun and a really great eclectic mix of music – Thanks ticket collector Theo and passengers! And not forgetting Denise the driver! Looking forward to the next train journey …

  2. Marvelously unhinged stuff Theo! – and great to see early appearances from old friends, Chewie and Kylie. Always the sign of a good show.

  3. I loved this! Currently looking after a newborn and this gave me good music and bizarre reasons to laugh. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Top drawer – the one I can’t open because it’s been jammed with god knows what for years.
    This chaos is like one of my dreams – and rather enjoyable for it.
    I look forward to further outings, dear boy.

    • Cheers, squire! Chaos is definitely the vibe on board The Train Trip – and if it’s like one of your dreams, then all the better for it.

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