January 2024

Hey. You alright? Wanna hear some brilliant music, and take a journey that will leave you grinning your ears off? Course you do. So climb on board for this month’s Train Trip, and enter a world of sound that will entertain, enlighten, and get you s-s-s-sorted!

6 Comments on “January 2024

  1. To whom it may concern,
    I was on your train recently and I think I left my signed copy of Charles and Eddie’s ‘would I lie to you’ in the toilet in car number 2. Sorry if I’ve blocked it up.

    Kind regards,

    Wesley Snipes

    • Dear Mr Snipes,
      Thank you for owning up to this misdemeanour. We did indeed find a signed copy of Charles and Eddie’s ‘Would I lie to You’ in the toilet in Carriage No 2. Curiously, time spent in said cubicle seems to have improved the quality of the song, and it may now be eligible for a future Train Trip playlist.
      We would appreciate it if you took all of your belongings with you when you disembark from the train, but nevertheless, we thank you for your custom.
      Kind regards,
      Theo Hooper

  2. Hello Theo, from Aotearoa New Zealand. We loved the show, especially See it, Say it, Sorted. What a tune! F
    Listening on a road trip to Splore Festival!

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